Approximately 100 firefighters battled a huge fire in a 36-story building in Hawaii’s capital. At least 3 fatalities and 16 injuries were reported.

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Firefighters have been battling a fire that broke out yesterday (Friday) in a 36-story building in Honolulu, Hawaii. The city’s mayor has confirmed the death of at least 3 victims and stated that dozens more are trapped in their home. The building wasn’t properly equipped with fire extinguishers.

Witnesses described thick black smoke coming from the Marco Polo building in the city. Footage from the scene shows parts of the building falling off. The fire started on the 26th story and the reason for the fire is still under investigation.

Rescue forces reported at least 16 injuries. Firefighters are going from door to door and searching for residents who still weren’t evacuated. Approximately 100 firefighters and helicopters took more than 5 hours to get the raging fire “under control.”