Liat Ben Ari, the head attorney investigating Netanyahu, addressed the Israeli Prime Minister’s gift affair hinting towards the prosecution’s intentions: “There’s no such thing as insignificant gifts worth hundreds of thousands of shekels.”


Netanyahu Photo Credit: Amos Ben Gershom/Flash90

During the Bar Association’s seminar, head attorney on the team investigating Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Liat Ben Ari addressed the gift affair and implied that her team intends to prosecute Netanyahu for receiving benefits.

“There’s no such thing as insignificant gifts,” Ben Ari noted. “Everything depends on the circumstances. The friendship question arises in all of the cases. In my opinion, when it comes to gifts worth hundreds of thousands of shekels, I find it difficult to accept that this was strictly a gift between friends.”

“I know about myself and my friends and none of us give or accept gifts of these sums. The interests in this condition must be evaluated,” Ben Ari added.