Arab MK Hanneen Zoabi was in a heated confrontation with Yesh Atid MK Aliza Lavi during a discussion related to the kidnapping of the three Israeli teens.

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A statement made by Arab MK Haneen Zoabi from the Balaad party that the hijackers were not terrorists made shockwaves today culminating in a heated discussion in the Knesset Committee dealing with advancement of women. Committee Chairperson MK Aliza Lavi from Yesh Atid took the stage and sharply rebuked MK Zoabi, “how dare you talk like that?” Zoabi fought back and the meeting became the scene of intense quarreling and shouting between the MKs.

Lavi asked Zoabi, “what are the kidnappers? Defenders of human rights?” Zoabi then replied, “You shut your mouth. You are rude.” Lavi was amazed by the response and said “I’m rude? How dare you talk about rights when you talk like that!” Zoabi became angry and responded by shouting, “you are the chairperson of the Women’s committee. You do not censor here. You are rude. You want silence? Then shut your mouth.” Lavi responded and told Zoabi “you have to be concerned that our kids will come home. Where is your humanity?” Zoabi replied by simply calling Lavi “a racist.”

At a certain point, Lavi appeared to try and calm down the situation. She asked Zoabi to “come and help us bring the children home.” Zoabi continued to shout and stated, “I want to continue my talking and do not stop me.” Lavi then tried to assure Zoabi that “I will hear you (out)…despite your behavior,” but Zoabi did not cease trying to speak. Eventually, Lavi decided to have Zoabi escorted out of the discussion.