The former Prime Minister attacked Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for national unity, saying Netanyahu’s government conducts itself in ‘a mentality of lies and deceit.”

Photo credit: Flash 90/Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Barak on Saturday slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call for national unity, calling it “hollow” and “fake.”

In a Facebook video, Barak said a great deal of responsibility for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, which happened 22 years ago today, lies with those who incited against him in the days and weeks leading up to the murder. He alluded to Netanyahu’s own participation in far-right protests in Jerusalem’s Zion Square, in which anti-Oslo Accord protesters held signs portraying Rabin wearing Nazi uniform.

“The person directly responsible for the murder is rotting in jail, but the overall responsibility belongs to those who incited against (Rabin) … in certain yeshivas, in Zion Square, in Ra’anana and more,” Barak said.

“We are all brothers, but displaying a hollow unity will be another shot in Rabin’s back,” he continued.