Initial polls show his new party poaching 2-3 seats from Shas

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Eli Yisahai burnishes his right wing creentials by committing to Netanyahu.  

A day after he announced he was forming a new party, former Shas leader Eli Yishai said today he would only serve in a government headed by Netanyahu.

This came as no surprise to political observers, since Yishai has always been much more right wing then Arieh Deri.

The first poll taken  since his defection from Shas shows him taking 2-3 seats from Shas. Since he needs at least 3.5% (4 seats) to pass the threshold, all he would be doing is wasting right wing votes, thus increasing the chances of the center-left block coming to power.

If however Housing minister Uri Ariel, leader of the three seat Tkumah faction, currently part of the Bayit Yehudi party, decides to part ways with Naftali Bennet, with whom he has several major political and ideological disagreements, and join Yishai, the picture changes. A joint Yishai-Tkumah list would get between 4-5 seats, almost as much as Shas, which is polling at 6-7 seats.