The Tel Aviv District Court announced on Tuesday that it has rejected the appeal of Shaul Elovitch and Nir Hefetz regarding their remand extension. Judge Yossi Tupf is presiding over the case in light of the removal of Judge Pozansky-Katz due to collusion.

Nir Hefetz in court

Nir Hefetz in court Photo Credit: Flash90

On Tuesday, the Tel Aviv District Court rejected the appeal filed on behalf of  Shaul Elovitch and Nir Hefetz regarding the decision to extend their remand. Yesterday, the appeal was filed after it was discovered that the judge assigned to the case and an Israel Securities Authority investigator had discussed the remand periods of the suspects prior to the hearings.

The court announced on Tuesday afternoon that the appeal was rejected and the two will remain in custody until Sunday. Judge Yossi Tupf is presiding over the case and appeal. Israel Securities Authority representative Yehudit Tirosh stated, “There is a real fear that if the suspects are to return home, important investigative procedures will be compromised.”

Tirosh has recommended that the two remain in custody for another seven days, stating “This is a serious matter and there is a public interest in justice.” Elovitch’s lawyer Jack Chen emphasized that the appeal is not simply a request to stop the investigation, rather only to release his 70-year-old client from custody. “The process is flawed in its very foundations,” said attorney Jack Chen.

Chen stated, “We expect the court to do and demonstrate justice.” He continued, “When a prosecutor corresponds on a hidden channel with a judge, justice is damaged. It is impossible to argue with this.”