In yet another display of Facebook’s apparent tolerance of extreme antisemitism, the social networking site initially refused to take down a disturbing cartoon which features two smiling Arabs hanging an Orthodox Jewish man. After much international pressure from Jewish Communities, the entire  page was shut down.


The Orthodox Jew was portrayed with blood staining his hand, an example of classic blood libel, one of the oldest and most virulent expressions of antisemitism. He was also displayed with an exaggerated hooked nose and with bows tied to his peyot.

The post came from a page called “Fuck Israel”, which had over 51,000 likes and which featured much explicit antisemitism. Various other images on the page display blatant blood libel.

Facebook has tolerated these types blatant anti-antisemitism posts before. Infamously, Facebook had allowed a post that called for the genocide of all Jews. In all but four countries, it is Facebook’s official policy to avoid removing Holocaust denial, only doing so when the law of a country explicitly requires it to.

Contributed by #EverdayAntisemtism