As part of the State of Israel’s response to petitions filed against the agreement with Turkey, the complete version of the reconciliation agreement was revealed – according to which Turkey will be able to act in order to rehabilitate Gaza, while the compensation of the families of Gaza flotilla activists “will not be interpreted as an admission.”

Full version of Israel-Turkey agreement revealed

Full version of Israel-Turkey agreement revealed Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As part of its response to the High Court of Justice on several petitions against the agreement with Turkey, the State of Israel presented the two full parts of the agreement – compensation for the families of killed Gaza flotilla activists and a normalization agreement between the two countries. The agreement also reveals that Turkey will be able to send construction materials to Gaza, as well as transfer money to banks in the Gaza Strip.

“Israel welcomes any cooperation with Turkey on projects for the benefit of the population of the Gaza Strip,” the agreement read. This includes both the export of civilian goods through Israel’s land crossings and the import of construction materials into Gaza, but it is explicitly stated the entry of goods into Gaza will be “subject to Israel’s security considerations.”

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“Turkey will be able to transfer money into the Gaza Strip through the banks approved to operate in the Strip by Israel and the Palestinian Authority,” the agreement notes, acknowledging that Turkey has “expressed its willingness” to build a desalination plant and a power plant in Gaza, also subject to Israeli security considerations and approval. The agreement also clarifies that “the understandings regarding the Gaza Strip will be implemented so long as the area remains quiet.”

“The Israeli government will make a payment of 20 million dollars in order to compensate the bereaved families from the flotilla incident,” the agreement states, clarifying that the agreement on this issue “will not be interpreted as an admission or an imposition of criminal or civilian liability.” The agreement further notes that Israel will be free of any liability for the incident after completing the financial compensation.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As for Hamas’s activity in Turkey, the agreement states that both countries “declare that they do not allow any terrorist or military activity against each other from their territory, or the support of such activities abroad.” Turkey and Israel both commit to take all measures necessary in order to ensure that no organization “initiates, plans, commits, manages or funds such activities from the territory of one country against the other.”

As for the relations between the two countries, the agreement states that “Turkey and Israel will be committed to overcoming the differences between them and working together to normalize and improve their relations in order to promote peace and stability in the region.” Upon the implementation of the agreement, both countries will reinstate their ambassadors and “immediately and fully renew normal relations.”