Israel’s finance minister has threatened to step down if the proposed 2019 budget does not pass. In addition, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman hinted that if the Haredi “draft bill” passes, his political party will have to take countermeasures.

Netanyahu and Kahlon in 2005

Netanyahu and Kahlon in 2005 Photo Credit: Shay Vaknin/TPS

On Monday, Israel’s Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon told the Kulanu MKs that if his proposed 2019 budget does not pass, then he will no longer be upholding his word to the voters and cannot maintain his post as finance minister.

Kahlon stated, “If the budget does not pass by the end of the session, I do not have a public mandate to continue as finance minister.” He also stated, “I hope that our friends in the coalition will come to their senses and vote in favor of passing the budget.”

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman condemned the Haredi “draft bill” and even said that the passing of the bill would result in a severe reaction from his political party. “To pass such a complex and controversial law…in one week is not legislation, it’s theft…instead of a law, we will get a parody,” Lieberman told the MKs of his political party.

Lieberman stressed, however, that he is not planning to leave the government. “We are not looking to dismantle the government and leave the coalition,” he said. “We will fight from the inside until the last minute, but if the law passes a second and third reading, in the current wording that is being discussed, we will have no choice but to come to conclusions. I hope common sense will guide everyone.”