Ohana is Chairman of Likud’s LGBT group, and plans to promote gay rights as part of his parliamentary work.

Amir Ohana

Amir Ohana Photo credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

Following Interior Minister MK Silvan Shalom’s resignation after sex allegations, the empty seat in the parliament is expected to be filled by Amir Ohana, who is placed 32nd on the Likud party’s Knesset list. When this happens, Ohana will become the first right-wing openly gay Knesset member in Israel’s history.

Ohana is a former IDF officer and a lawyer by profession. He lives in Tel Aviv with his partner and their two children. For the past year he has been Chairman of the Likud party’s LGBT group, and says he is planning to continue to promote the gay community’s rights as a member of the coalition. “I will act in cooperation with friends from the coalition and the opposition for LGBT equality in Israel,” he states.

“It was expected that I would enter the Knesset at some point during its current term,” he adds. “Unfortunately, it happened under unpleasant circumstances, but I will do my very best for this country.”