MK’s Zahava Gal-On and Mickey Rosenthal also joined in with their own criticism and expressed their astonishment with the Bayit Ha-Yehudi’s position.

Lapid and Bennett

Lapid and Bennett Photo Credit: Yossi Zamir/ Channel 2

In a video clip taken by the Bayit Ha-Yehudi, many party members have been filmed voicing their objection to the prospect of same sex marriages.  Lapid is now calling the political party “homophobic” for having negative attitudes toward any person perceived as gay, lesbian or transgender.  He called upon Bennett to apologize.

Apparently, the new political alliance advocating same sex marriages has defeated the former agreement between Yesh Atid and the Bayit Ha-Yehudi, where the two united in order to make sure that neither would be excluded from Netanyahu’s government following the last elections. If there was ever a doubt about the rift that has drifted Bennett and Lapid apart, this new video clip alongside Lapid’s reaction to it is a signal that the unity between the two never reached beyond a deal to increase both parties political power.

Now, Lapid is trying to emphasize the big difference between the two political parties: “We are saying to you, the public – we will not stand in the way of any love affair that seeks to realize itself and lead to marriage. We will continue to fight this struggle when we are in the Knesset.”

Zahava Gal-On, Meretz Chairwoman

Zahava Gal-On, Meretz Chairwoman Photo Credit: PR

Zahava Gal-On, the Meretz Party Chairwoman, also related to the video clip while stressing that “the political party is crudely trampling on the rights of hundreds of thousands of Israelis.” She said that Bennett and his party is “an expired dish. History is against them. The people are against them and so is logic. You should be ashamed of yourselves.”

“This video is finally revealing the true face of the Bayit Ha-Yehudi Party,” Gal-On noted. She emphasized that Bennett is leading “an ignorant darkened lot into the Knesset.”

The leadership within Yesh Atid and Meretz were not the only ones to criticize Bennett.  MK Mickey Rosenthal of the Labor Party also expressed his astonishment at the Bayit Ha-Yehudi’s position:  “What if a gay brother was suddenly to appear or a lesbian sister? What would you do then?”