After MK Oren Hazan’s verbal altercation with the family members of Palestinian terrorists incarcerated in Israeli prisons and the response from Hamas that followed, it was decided that the Likud MK will receive a security detail. A senior Hamas member condemned Hazan’s actions on Monday evening and called him a “pig.”

Oren Hazan

Oren Hazan Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90

After he confronted the families of Palestinian terrorists behind bars in Israeli prisons, MK Oren Hazan was rebuked by Hamas. In light of the terrorist group’s response, it was decided on Tuesday to provide the Likud MK with a security detail.

On Monday, Hazan commented on the incident during an interview with Israel News Company’s Oded Ben-Ami, saying that he is happy that he confronted the terrorists’ family members. “They knew what their children had done and they fully support them,” Hazan stated. “You look at these people who have murder in their eyes and you have to stand your ground – not on a personal level, but on a level of our national pride.”

Meanwhile, Hazan’s actions were condemned by Palestinians and even caught the attention of senior Hamas member Fathi Hamad. “We say to Oren Hazan the pig – our honor hasn’t been trampled,” Hamad said during a press conference.