A protester was seen carrying a cardboard guillotine in Saturday’s anti-corruption protest in Tel Aviv. The act was immediately condemned by the Likud party, Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin and others.

The guillotine-carrying protester

The guillotine-carrying protester Photo credit: Yishai Friedman, Makor Rishon

A cardboard guillotine carried by a protester in last night’s anti-corruption demonstration in Tel Aviv is sparking an outrage, with some seeing it as a call to assassinate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The left’s protest in Rothschild Street has crossed all the red lines,” the Likud party said in a statement after a picture of said guillotine was posted on social media.

Amit Brin, the protester who carried the guillotine, wrote on his Facebook page that he opposes violence of any kind and that his message was misinterpreted. “A guillotine is a metaphor that serves as a historic reminder of a civil victory over a corrupt regime that violated the public’s trust,” he wrote.

Israel’s President Reuven Rivlin condemned the use of the guillotine, saying it “crossed the boundaries of the freedom of speech.”