Ministers and MKs gathered today at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office to celebrate Benjamin Netanyahu’s 68th birthday. Netanyahu’s family members also attended the celebration.

Watch: Yair Netanyahu with a special birthday message to his father

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrated his 68th birthday Wednesday evening at his office, surrounded by ministers, MKs and family members. In a tweet that he uploaded after the gathering, Netanyahu thanked his friends and family for celebrating with him. “Thank you all for the warm wishes in honor of my birthday,” he wrote. “I love you all and appreciate your loyal support. I will continue to work for the citizens of Israel and the State of Israel.”

During the celebration, Netanyahu’s son Yair reassured his father that he has no plans of becoming a politician. “I deeply admire and appreciate it that you sacrifice yourself for the State of Israel and the Israeli people, and as a person who will never enter politics, it’s really something amazing to see this sacrifice and this preparedness to sacrifice yourself for the people and country,” he told his father, putting an end to the rumors of his plans to go into politics.

Netanyahu's birthday celebration

Netanyahu’s birthday celebration Photo Credit: Haim Tzah/GPO/Channel 2 News