Says law reflects the fact that Israel’s Jewish and democratic dimensions do not contradict each other

PM Netanyahu

PM Netanyahu Channel 2 News

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu spoke before the Knesset today, laying out his Nation-State Law bill guidelines, claiming they bear the same values as the 1926 Balfour Declaration.

“Israel is a Jewish and democratic state. These two values are intertwined and they coexist. Israel guarantees equal rights to all its citizens, while remaining the Jewish nation’s state, and the Jewish nation’s state alone”, he said in his speech.

“The Balfour Declaration presented the need for a Jewish home for the Jewish nation; a home which will preserve the civil and religious rights of all the citizens on this land. The bill is required in order to fix the imbalance created by the need to respect civil rights and Israel’s right to be called a Jewish state”, he explained.

Netanyahu’s speech stirred up a commotion among the MKs opposing the bill, who constantly shouted at him throughout the speech. Opposition leader MK Isaac Herzog spoke after the PM, referring to his speech: “The public is well aware of the fact that your solution to every problem is to bring up symbols. You constantly speak of the ‘Nation’ to draw the citizens’ attention away from their bank debt and their incapability to buy an apartment or groceries at the store. Israel is stuck with you, and you are stuck with worthless answers”.