Prime Minister Netanyahu announced the government will be acting to revoke citizenship of the Arab-Israeli who crossed the border to Syria to join a terror organization.

Islamic State, photo archives

Islamic State, photo archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A few hours ago it was cleared for publication that an Arab-Israeli citizen from Jaljulia had crossed the border into Syria using a paraglider in order to join an Islamic State affiliate in the country. Following the incident, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the government should act to have his citizenship revoked.

In the weekly government meeting, Netanyahu stated: “Yesterday, an Israeli citizen crossed our border on the Golan Heights in order to join the enemy in Syria. We will act to revoke his citizenship and that is what we will do in any such case. Whoever joins the enemy to fight Israel will no longer be an Israeli citizen.”

During the government meeting, Minister of Science, Technology and Space MK Ofir Akunis proposed to impose a policy of revoking the citizenship of anyone attempting to join terror organizations and to immediately revoke the citizenship of the young Israeli from Jaljulia.

“Israeli citizens should know that they will not be able to enjoy their rights as Israeli citizens and be members of a terror organization at the same time,” Akunis stated. “We must take quick and decisive action. We must revoke the rights and the citizenship of anyone choosing to join a terror organization.”