Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s aides have been urging a Likud MK to drop his bill to annex the West Bank, despite it being supported by the majority of Netanyahu’s base, so as not to irritate the Trump administration.

Photo credit: Flickr

Five weeks after Israel’s ruling Likud party voted in favor of applying the Israeli sovereignty to the West Bank, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday blocked a bill to do just that.

The bill, instigated by MK Yoav Kish from Netanyahu’s own party, was supposed to come before a Knesset committee on Sunday. However, according to Israel News Company, Netanyahu’s aides have been urging MK Kish to drop the bill over concern that it might irritate the Trump administration, which does not want Israel to take any unilateral steps.

Meanwhile, the Lobby for the Land of Israel, one of the most powerful lobbies in the Knesset, is reportedly urging Netanyahu to keep the bill on the agenda.