Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu told a group of prominent religious Zionist rabbis on Tuesday that ‘a political attempt’ is being made to overthrow his government.

Photo credit: Chaim Tzach, GPO

Amid an ongoing public protest against corruption that has been sending tens of thousands of Israelis to the streets every Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday claimed the left is trying to overthrow his government.

Speaking to a group of prominent religious Zionist rabbis, Netanyahu said, “A political effort is being made through rallies and other things to overthrow our national government, which fights for the Land of Israel.”

“We haven’t always been successful in foiling such attempts,” he added. “It worked once, in 1992. This time we will make sure it doesn’t.”

In addition to the main anti-corruption rally in central Tel Aviv last Saturday, hundreds gathered in Jerusalem for a similar rally organized by and consisting predominantly of right-wing activists.