Amid a public outrage over the publication of audio recordings in which Yair Netanyahu makes lewd remarks about women outside a strip club, the club owner has said that that was not the first time the Prime Minister’s son had been there.

Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu Photo credit: Mark Israel Salem, Flash 90

The owner of a Tel Aviv strip club says Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was a frequent visitor who paid no entrance fee.

These claims came a day after the publication of audio recordings from 2015 in which Yair Netanyahu can be heard making derogatory and lewd remarks about women after a night out at the club.

The owner also confirmed that Yair Netanyahu’s security guards would go into the club along with him. “They would get him in through the back door,” he said. “He didn’t pay the entrance fee. He only paid for the alcohol.”

The recording, in which Yair Netanyahu also makes inappropriate jokes about the controversial natural gas deal his father had signed at the time, places in question the necessity for the state to use taxpayers’ money to fund personal security guards for the Prime Minister’s sons.