Shakib Shanan, an Israeli Druze who lost his son in a Temple Mount terror attack in June, urged a Knesset committee on Tuesday not to approve the highly-controversial bill, whose opponents fear will harm the rights of non-Jewish Israeli citizens.

Screen capture: Channel 2 News

Shakib Shanan, a former Israeli MK who lost his son in a June terror attack on Temple Mount, urged the members of a Knesset committee on Tuesday not to pass the highly-controversial Nationality Law, a bid to officially define Israel as a Jewish state, whose opponents fear will harm the rights of Arabs and other minorities.

Shanan, an Israeli Druze, spoke before the committee just hours after Tuesday’s deadly terror attack in the settlement of Har Adar, in which an Israeli-Arab security guard was murdered along with two other Israelis.

“A lowlife has killed two security guards and a police officer earlier today, all of whom equal Israeli citizens,” Shanan told the committee. “The Knesset must not pass a law that jeopardizes the value of equality for all citizens of Israel.”

Shanan proceeded to express his own loyalty to Israel, as well as that of many non-Jewish citizens. “I am a full partner here, and I believe I am representing the voices of many non-Jews who consider this country to be their home,” he said. “They didn’t choose it, but they were born in it, they live in it and they have no intention of giving up their citizenship.”

“As a Druze citizen, I can tell you that Israel is the best place in the world to be a Druze,” Shanan added. “It’s a fact and I’m proud of it.”

His voice cracking, Shanan turned to the committee members and said, “Don’t do it. Don’t bury us on the other side of the fence. Don’t make us feel unwelcome. We want coexistence. Please make sure that the word ‘equality’ isn’t just lip service, but that it represents a genuine promise of the state to all of its citizens.”