European ambassadors will meet with US senators in Washington to sway opinions on the Iran nuclear deal and ensure the agreement remains intact, according to a report by Reuters. Officials who were involved in the negotiations that led to the deal will also be present.

US Congress

US Congress Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

European Union, British, French and German ambassadors and former senior officials of the Barack Obama administration plan to pressure US Congress legislators to maintain the current nuclear agreement with Iran, according to a report by Reuters on Wednesday. They are expected to convene in Washington on Thursday and meet representatives of the Democratic Party in order to pressure officials who are considering supporting a change in or the annulment of the nuclear deal.

The meeting was organized by leaders of the Democratic Party in the Senate and will include former officials of the Obama administration who were involved in the negotiations with Iran that led to the current deal. A British official confirmed that British Ambassador Kim Darroch is expected to meet with Republican and Democrat legislators “to provide information on the European position on the JCPOA,” referring to the nuclear deal by its official acronym. An EU envoy also confirmed the European intentions on the matter, explaining that the agreement is a multilateral one that is working and they wish to ensure it stays as is.

The meeting is part of ongoing efforts of the Democratic Party to influence the prevailing attitude of the Congress towards the nuclear agreement. US President Donald Trump is currently facing an October 15 deadline for him to either authorize the agreement or hand over the decision to Congress. There, the Democratic Party hopes to diminish the chances of a future change in the agreement.