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The price of avoiding a strike: Airports Authority workers to receive extensive benefits

Last week, Israel Airports Authority workers threatened to strike and close down Ben Gurion Airport at the height of the travel season. The strike was eventually avoided, but the “price” paid for stopping it is only now being revealed – 85 million shekels’ worth of benefits.

Tom Dolev

Threatened to strike – and received benefits Photo Credit: Ezri Amram / Channel 2 News

After Israel Airports Authority (IAA) workers threatened to strike and close down Ben Gurion Airport last week, a strike that was eventually avoided – the price of the agreements that were reached with the workers have now been revealed.

According to the agreement reached between the Israeli Finance Ministry and the IAA’s labor union, each Authority employee will receive an additional salary for the next two years as part of a bonus that will be evenly distributed between the employees based on the average IAA salary, a decision whose cost is estimated at around 15 thousand shekels.

In addition, if more than 15 million passengers are to go through Ben Gurion Airport, a 1,500-shekel bonus will be awarded for every additional million passengers – despite the fact that a 20-thousand-shekel yearly bonus is already awarded if 15 million passengers go through the airport.

Amongst the other benefits included in the agreement: the unfunded pensions of 1,000 pensioners will not be harmed, 50 employees will receive tenure and 50 contractor’s workers will be directly employed by the IAA – with all contractor’s workers destined to be directly employed within four years. The total sum of the benefits received by IAA workers has been estimated at 85 million shekels.

Tom Dolev

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