US Vice President Mike Pence delivered a historic address on Monday afternoon at the Knesset, reciting a Jewish prayer for special occasions, proclaiming that the American embassy will be moved to Jerusalem by the end of the 2019 and asking God to bless the Jewish people and the people of Israel.

Pence and Netanyahu, today

Pence and Netanyahu, today Photo Credit: Haim Zach/GPO

On Monday afternoon, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised US Vice President Mike Pence at the Knesset. “It’s fitting that you are the first American Vice President to speak in Jerusalem,” he told Pence. “No American vice president has had a greater commitment to Israel and its people.”

“A stronger America means a stronger Israel,” Netanyahu added. After Netanyahu’s speech, Israeli Opposition leader Isaac Herzog addressed the plenum and thanked Pence and US President Donald Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He also urged Pence to do everything in his power to attempt to achieve an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. Herzog’s speech was followed by Pence’s address.

Watch: Netanyahu and Pence meeting in Jerusalem

During his historic speech, Pence said that he wants to send a simple message to the Israeli people on behalf of Washington: “America stands with Israel.” Moments after Jewish Joint Arab List MKs tried to disrupt his address, Pence called Israel a “vibrant democracy.” The Arab MKs were immediately removed from the plenum and banned from the Knesset for the remainder of the day.

Pence revealed during the speech that the American embassy in Israel will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem before the end of 2019, receiving a standing ovation and rounds of applause. The high-ranking US official also recited the Shehecheyanu prayer and asked God to bless the Jewish people and the people of Israel.

Netanyahu and Pence

Netanyahu and Pence Photo Credit: PMO