Most of the details of the operation that took place in the Gaza Strip in which Lieutenant Colonel M. was killed and a combat soldier was wounded will remain confidential: “The purpose of the operation was not to kill or abduct.”

The IDF Chief of Staff held an assessment of the situation with the head of the Shin Bet security service: “The IDF owes Lieutenant Colonel M. more than we can tell”

The details of the IDF’s special force in Gaza and the circumstances surrounding the entanglement that led to the death of Lt. Col. M. will remain largely confidential. IDF Spokesman Ronen Manlis said Monday that the special force “was engaged in prolonged activity and encountered a complex reality. The soldiers acted heroically and conducted a heroic battle to remove a threat and a very complex rescue to the State of Israel during which the force hit those who threatened it.”

Lieutenant Colonel M. is the most senior soldier killed in a clash in the Gaza Strip since Operation Tzuk Eitan in the summer of 2014.

The details of Lieutenant Colonel M. will not be published, but he deserves a salute from all of us for this action and other actions he carried out.

The IDF has thickened the forces in the Gaza vicinity and this morning even transferred interceptor missiles to the Iron Dome batteries in the area. During the night, the IDF reported that 20 rockets were fired at Israel, 3 were intercepted.

IDF Officer

The photo is an illustration only (credit: IDF Instagram) and not of Lieutenant Colonel M., the photo of whom and all personal details will remain secretive to protect details of the operation.

Not to Kill or Abduct

The IDF added that “what is revealed tonight is the very end of activities aimed at establishing Israel’s superiority. Their rescue is an act of heroism and will continue to be discussed. They acted in a courageous and determined manner. We have something to learn from the event and the lessons will be learned. The purpose of the operation was not to kill or abduct. The IDF forces are ready for a variety of possibilities and we have increased our strength, we are prepared for everything that develops, and actions of this kind are weighed seriously and usually remain under the radar.”

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