Damages in Gaza

Inside Gaza, seven Palestinians were reported killed, most of them Hamas members and one of them a senior member of the organization. The Palestinians in Gaza published a photo of the vehicle from which the special IDF force allegedly operated. The vehicle was destroyed by an aircraft after the force was rescued.

Destroyed Vehicle in Gaza

Destroyed Vehicle in Gaza with people

Following the incident, the IDF lead airstrikes against Hamas targets in Gaza, causing damages to several buildings and vehicles.

Damage in Gaza 1

Damage in Gaza 2

The military wing of Hamas announced that “a special unit of the Israeli army entered the Gaza Strip, at a depth of about 3 km, by means of a civilian vehicle in the area of ​​the mosque of Ismail Abu Shanab, east of Khan Yunis. The force killed the commander of the military wing of Hamas, Nur Barakeh. After the force was exposed and our fighters took off, the IAF planes entered the area and began to bomb to cover up the withdrawal of the force, which led to the deaths of our people. The event continues and our forces are acting against the dangerous Zionist aggression.”

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