The Head of the Zionist Union called on the Minister of Finance to resign from the government: “I know how worried you are. It’s the moment you will rule your world and you will prevent the largest danger that has ever stood before us.” Herzog criticizes Netanyahu: “You are no longer the Prime Minister, rather the secretary of the Naftali, Lieberman, and Smotrich government.”

Herzog calls for Kahlon to resign from the government in order to “prevent danger”

Herzog calls for Kahlon to resign from the government in order to “prevent danger” Flash 90/Channel 2 News

During the Zionist Union faction meeting, Isaac Herzog called on Moshe Kahlon to leave the government. “Only one person remains in the government who was chosen for his humility, honesty, and moderation, and it is he who will determine our fate. From here I extend my hand to you, Moshe Kahlon,” said Herzog. “There are moments when a leader must place himself before his personal judgement, to dare to pay the heaviest price for his inner truth. This is your moment.”

“We spoke quite a bit recently, I know how worried you are and how you had good intentions,” he added. “I know how many fears are in your heart. Only you are capable of reaching a moral decision. Do not hesitate any longer. This is your moment of truth.”

In his speech Herzog also referred to the bothersome appointment of Avigdor Lieberman as Israel’s Minister of Defense and said that now, Bennett and Lieberman are the actual Prime Ministers of Israel. “This is a historical day. A day in which an elected prime minister gives up his position to the heads of the most radical parties that have controlled him up until this point.”

“Mr. Netanyahu. Now you are no longer another prime minister, but rather a secretary of the Naftali, Lieberman, Smotrich government. You don’t determine anything. You do not manage anything. You are a puppet. You are a scarecrow. You are being held captive. People say that you are a magician. There is something to that. Every good thing that you touch disappears. Hope has disappeared, the vision has disappeared, Bugi (Ya’alon) disappeared. Sa’ar disappeared. Gabbai disappeared. And now you are fading for the good of the radical right wing leaders. This is the first time in history that the magician has made himself disappear.”