Former Israeli Labor Party chairman Isaac Herzog agreed to Avi Gabbay’s proposition to stay on as the opposition leader, as Gabbay is not a Knesset member and therefore, cannot serve in that position. Herzog called upon party members to support Gabbay in “replacing Netanyahu.”

Herzog and Gabbay

Herzog and Gabbay Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90

The Israeli Labor Party is completing its internal election today (Wednesday) for the party leadership. During an official ceremony held at the party’s Tel Aviv headquarters today, Isaac Herzog finished his term as the party chairman. As reported yesterday by JOL, Avi Gabbay won the election and will take over Herzog’s position. However, Herzog announced his acceptance to Gabbay’s proposition and will remain the opposition leader in the Knesset.

During the campaign for the second round of the Labor Party’s leadership election, Gabbay promised to offer Herzog to stay on as opposition leader, as Gabbay is not a Knesset member and therefore, he cannot perform this duty. Following his victory, Gabbay called upon Herzog in his speech to continue serving as the opposition leader, which Herzog eagerly accepted.

During today’s ceremony, Herzog thanked Gabbay proclaiming that he will help him as much as possible. Herzog implored Zionist Union party members to unify and stand behind Gabbay in order to “replace Netanyahu” as Israel’s prime minister. “You are receiving from me a healthy, strong and stable party with tens of thousands of members,” Herzog stated.