After slamming the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s conduct and saying that he is corrupting the country’s morals, Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog attempts a new approach calling for the Prime Minister to resign as a respectful and patriotic act.

Netanyahu and Herzog

Netanyahu and Herzog Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Following Israeli Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog’s combative speech earlier this week at the Knesset in which he implored Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign as he is embarrassing the Knesset, Herzog attempts a much less aggressive approach. Today (Saturday) during a Shabbat Culture event in Yehud-Monosson, Herzog called upon Netanyahu to resign, yet also complimented him for his contributions to Israel throughout the years.

“I would like to personally address Benjamin Netanyahu – despite our bitter political rivalry and the disagreements between us in most areas, you are an Israeli patriot who has done much for the nation and the country,” said Herzog. “Yet the facts uncovered over the past months lead to the end of your political path.”

Herzog is not giving up on his call for Netanyahu’s resignation

Herzog is not giving up on his call for Netanyahu’s resignation Photo Credit: Ofer Hen/Mako/Channel 2 News

“You know it as do most of your friends and the country’s citizens,” Herzog added. He claimed to only be speaking about his political acts and not his recent criminal affairs that have been stirring up a storm throughout the country.

Herzog even presented the resignation issue as a patriotic act. “Do not drag an entire country for many more months of embarrassment, internal disputes and international shame,” he said. “Your resignation would currently be a worthy, respectful and patriotic act. There is no person without a replacement and I am convinced that your movement will know how to place a worthy person as its leader.”