Hezbollah is reportedly also working on the construction of a missile-manufacturing factory in Lebanon.

Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.

Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. Photo Credit: EPA

Hezbollah is training Hamas members in Lebanon territory, according to a new report by the Lebanese newspaper Al-Jumhuriya, citing Israeli intelligence. In addition, the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terrorist group has been working on the construction of a missile manufacturing factory in Lebanon.

Hezbollah has not responded to the accusations and neither has the Hamas.

Meanwhile, according to reports that came in on Saturday, Hezbollah forces are being disguised as Assad regime soldiers along with members of the Iranian militias to avoid being targeted by Israeli forces after they were supposed to leave Syrian territory.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday that Iranian militia groups, which supposedly left the southern provinces of Quneitra and Dar’aa in Syria near Israel, came back in disguise. “They are leaving in Hezbollah uniform and coming back in vehicles of the regime, dressed in military uniform,” a commander of the rebel Iranian forces, Ahmed Azam, told the newspaper.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that a rebel commander in Syria said that the disguised fighters speak in the Lebanese dialect of Arabic and in Farsi. It also reported that an Israeli official responded to the allegation by saying that Israel was “very much aware of basically everything happening in our backyard.”