In a speech from his underground bunker, the leader of Hezbollah held Israel accountable for last week’s explosion in the city of Sidon, which targeted a Hamas member. He also rejected claims that Hezbollah has smuggled drugs into Israel.

Hassan Nasrallah

Hassan Nasrallah Photo credit: Wikipedia

Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanon-based terror group Hezbollah, is accusing Israel of trying to assassinate a Hamas member last week in the Lebanese city of Sidon.

Earlier this week, Lebanese media outlets reported an explosion in a senior Hamas member’s car outside his home. Initial reports suggested that the man was killed, though it was later reported that he had been taken to a hospital in Beirut.

In a speech from his underground bunker, delivered in commemoration of two years since an Israeli air strike that killed senior Hezbollah members in Quneitra, Nasrallah also addressed the accusations that Hezbollah has smuggled drugs into Israel.

“The drug trafficking allegations attributed to Hezbollah on American and international media are all lies,” Nasrallah said. “We have a moral and religious position on this issue and we forbid drug trade.”

Nasrallah also condemned Lebanon’s decision to allow the new Steven Spielberg movie, The Post, to be shown in its theaters. “It’s true that the movie is about the Vietnam War, which we have no problem with, but the Jewish director donated a million dollars to Israel during the 2006 Lebanon War so it can kill your children and destroy your homes,” he said.