Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah has said that this week’s exchange of fire Hezbollah and the IDF at the Israeli-Lebanese border was “an important and sensitive measure”.

During a speech televised on Hezbollah’s al-Manar TV channel marking the upcoming Islamic holiday of Ashura, the terrorist leader refrained to comment further on the incident, vowing to “leave it until a later point in time”.

“What happened yesterday in south Lebanon is an important and sensitive measure for us, but I will not comment on it. I will instead leave it until a later point in time,” Nasrallah said.

On Thursday the IDF announced that it had responded to what it described as a “security incident” at the border with Lebanon, by launching airstrikes against Hezbollah observation posts.

The strikes came after Hezbollah started shooting at Israeli combat intelligence troops near the border community of Manara. The IDF said no soldiers were struck in the incident.

Commenting on the attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Hezbollah not to test Israel.

“Israel sees firing at its troops as a very serious incident. We will not tolerate any act of aggression and we will react forcibly to any attack. I strongly suggest Hezbollah not to test Israel’s crushing resolve,” Netanyahu said.