Imad Mughniyah

The Lebanese Shiite terrorist movement Hezbollah has threatened Israeli government officials in an unconventional manner.

According to Israeli state television Kan, Hezbollah opened a Whatsapp group that targeted several Israeli government officials with threatening messages

“Revenge is inevitable – the goal is clear, specific and precise: to remove Israel’s existence. This quote published in the group was mentioned by Imad Mugniyah, one of the main leaders of the Hezbollah terrorist movement. The terrorist movement’s Whatsapp group opened up on the 11th anniversary of his death.

Hezbollah accuses Israel of being behind Mugniyah’s death in 2008, when the car in which he was travelling exploded. Mugniyah was considered one of the main leaders of the terrorist movement and was accused of being the main driving force behind the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev in 2006 which triggered the Second Lebanon War.