Meet new Gaza Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar(right), who is taking over from Ismail Haniyeh 2
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The Islamic terrorist group Hamas has put its troops on high alert for fear that Israel will try to eliminate its leaders, says a report from the Qatari newspaper Al Araby al Jadeed, published in London.

The report says that the leaders of the Hamas military wing were evacuated from their headquarters earlier this week for fear of Israel bombing the building.

During the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in Jerusalem, the Minister of Housing, Yoav Galant, said that Yahya Sinwar “has his days numbered” and that “he will not end his life in a nursing home”.

In the same vein, the Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Erdan, said at the conference that Israel “must move from defense to¬† offensive in the fighting against Hamas in Gaza.” The minister also said that this “implies the selective elimination of the terrorist leaders of the Hamas military wing in Gaza. It also means it is necessary to capture and retain the Gaza Strip until we dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. “

“Today we are closer than ever since the disastrous decision of full disengagement to be forced to recapture parts or the entire Gaza Strip,” he added. “If that is the only way to guarantee calm and security for our citizens in the long term; then we will do it “.