Everyone knows that in the high-tech industry the wages are higher than the market average, but which field in the high tech earns much more? The increase in the salaries last year was notably in the field of cellular and internet, while wages in the traditional marketing jobs are the same.

Increase in high-tech wages, illustration

Increase in high-tech wages, illustration channel 2 news

In the high-tech industry there is no recession: in the second quarter of 2014 there was a small incremental in wages and demand for employees. A survey conducted this year shows that the most sought after professions in the high-tech industry are mobile and web developers, and the wage, which is already high compared to the average, rose in about 5-8%.

According to a survey by human resource firm CPS JOBS, the highest increase in wages for high-tech employees were in the categories of internet marketing, including: content management, social network, and campaign management, in addition to a 1% rise is demand for employees in the field.

An increase of 8% was noted for media purchases profession, and an increase of 7% was found for the role of search engine optimization. An employee with 2 years of experience can make 8,000-9,000 NIS, and an employee with up to 5 years of experience can earn from 10,000-17,000 NIS per month on average.

A wage increase of 7% was found for software development since the same quarter last year, and an increase of 6% in web development. For example a .NET developer wage is around 13,000-17,000 NIS and if the same developer has 5 years’ experience he can earn 17,000-22,000 NIS.

But not all is great in the high-tech industry: in the marketing and sales professions such as sales management and product management there is no change in wages. In the field of Quality Assurance there is a decrease in wages and demand for employees, while experienced QA testers are enjoying 3% increase to their wages. The companies prefer experienced QA teams, unlike last year when they hired novice QA testers.