About 1 million residents of Hillsborough County, Florida are sure that Hillary Clinton will be the next US president. She has already won the majority vote in Hillsborough County and almost every candidate who has won there over the past 60 years has also won the presidency.

Will the prediction come true?

Will the prediction come true? Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

There is just one week left until the end of the dramatic US presidential election and the entire world is waiting to find out who will be the 45th president. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is gaining momentum but his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton is leading within the Electoral College. However, aside from the polls, there are predictions that almost never fail.

As the final stretch of the election approaches and the polls reveal a very close race, it seems that the only options to depend on are predictive models that have almost always been correct in the past. When political analysts are absolutely positive as to who will enter the White House on January 20th, people seem less worried.

Hillsborough County, Florida

Hillsborough County, Florida Photo Credit: TampAGS, for AGS Media/Channel 2 News

At least that is what residents of Hillsborough County, Florida claim. Florida is considered one of the most crucial swing states. Hillsborough County has astonishingly only made one mistake over the past 60 years. For 19 out of the last 20 elections, the majority vote of the county’s 1.3 million residents has correctly predicted the winner.

“Hillary Clinton will be America’s next president, email scandal or not,” said 63-year-old Hillsborough County resident Debra Surprenant. “You can bet your bottom dollar.”