It seems that the artist behind, “Sunflowers” and “Starry Night” left behind another painting discovered only now. The exciting new discovery is named, “Sunset in Montmajour” and depicts the French landscaped.

Over 120 years after the death of the infamous Vincent Van Gogh another painting of his has been discovered. Today (Monday) the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, home to the largest collection of his paintings has announced the discovery of a new landscape painting of his called, “Sunset in Montmajour”. 

The unveiling of the rediscovered artwork

The unveiling of the rediscovered artwork Photography: AP

“In the history of Van Gogh discoveries, this is the most important one,” the museum director said. This painting is said to be painted in 1888 just two years before the artist’s death. Many consider this time period of Van Gogh’s life his creative climax, and is around the same period he created the renowned painting, “Sunflowers”.

In the piece you can see the scenic south of France, Van Gogh’s home for the time. But, how are the critics so sure this is indeed Van Gogh’s work? According to the Museum director extensive research into the style, technique, color and canvas Van Gogh used was done, and they finally proclaimed that the lost painting was indeed one of his. The painting was held in his brother, Theo Van Gogh’s private collection until 1901 when he sold it. Today is the first time it has been seen since the sale in 1901.

“Sunset in Montmajour” Photography: AP

Van Gogh is considered one of the most famous artists in history, with his pieces hanging in museums all across the world. So, the discovery of this painting is indeed a triumph for art lovers across the globe.