Today, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi became the first Indian prime minister to visit Israel. Modi thanked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and spoke at the reception ceremony.

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Today (Tuesday), Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed at the Ben Gurion Airport for a historic first visit to Israel. Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel and the 3-day visit will mark 25 years of diplomatic ties between the countries.

Upon landing, Modi met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and referred to the war on terror in his speech, saying that Israel and India are cooperating against the common threat. “It is my singular honor to be the first ever Prime Minister of India to undertake this groundbreaking visit to Israel,” Modi said in his reception speech. “My visit celebrates the strength of centuries-old links between our societies.”

“The talented and skilled youth of India are also its driving force,” Modi added. “In our path of sustained high growth and all-around development, India counts Israel among its important partners.”

Netanyahu welcomed Modi upon his arrival: “We love India. We admire your culture, history, democracy and commitment to progress.”

Following his welcoming reception in Ben Gurion airport, Modi, accompanied by Prime Minister Netanyahu, visited the Danziger Dan Flower Farm, one of Israel’s leading floriculture company.

From there, the Indian prime minister and his entourage traveled to Jerusalem, where he stopped at Yad Vashem to participate in an honorary memorial ceremony at the Hall of Remembrance.

Modi and Netanyahu stopped at Mt. Herzl to pay their respects to Theodore Herzl and then made their way to the Prime Minister’s residence, where they delivered statements to the media and enjoyed a dinner together.

Modi’s packed 3-day itinerary will include, among other things, a meeting with politicians and prominent business men and women, a tour of a desalination plant and a visit to the Israel Museum. Modi is also expected to meet with the Indian community in Israel and will be personally meeting with Moish Holzberg, 12, who lost both of his parents in the Mumbai Chabad terror attack in 2003.

Modi will markedly not be meeting with Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas as part of conscious efforts to ‘de-hyphenate’ New Delhi’s relationships with Ramallah and Jerusalem.