An Israeli police officer on a motorcycle was critically injured after being hit by a car on the Ayalon Freeway. The police eventually found and arrested the driver.

Today's collision scene

Today’s collision scene Photo Credit: Roni Dayaan, Israeli Fire and Rescue/Channel 2 News

A hit and run collision is suspected to have occurred on the Ayalon Freeway in Tel Aviv today (Saturday), severely injuring a police officer on a motorcycle. The police officer in his 50s was transported to the hospital in critical condition. After a widespread police chase, the suspected driver was arrested.

“We were called to a collision between a vehicle and motorcycle, a difficult sight,” said the Israeli Fire Rescue unit’s commander Hagi Shenler at the scene. “The motorcyclist was severely injured and the motorcycle caught on fire from the immense impact. We extinguished the flames and secured the scene.”

The driver of the private vehicle fled the scene shortly after the collision and police searched throughout Tel Aviv for him before finding and arresting him.