Alexander Stuart-Houston the greatnephew of Adolf Hitler

Almost seven decades later, a reporter from the German newspaper Bild found Adolf Hitler’s grandnephew Alexander Stuart-Houston living in Long Island,NY. Although his surname is not Hitler, he is indeed a descendant of the German Dictator.

When Alexander was born, his parents give him the middle name Adolf but decided to omit him from his personal documents.

His father -William Patrick Hitler was born was born to Adolf’s half-brother, Alois Hitler, Jr. in Liverpool, England in 1911. In the early part of 1930 William decided to go to Germanyto look for work. He joined the National Socialist Party and immediately got a job in a bank in Berlin.

William’s Uncle Adolph Hitler never helped him find anything better, so he moved to Long Island, New York where he married a woman named Phyllis.

Ironically, William enlisted in the United States Navy and went to fight in World War II against the Germans.

The family tree that reconstructed the German newspaper Bild to explain the kinship between Alexander Stuart-Houston with Adolf Hitler

When the war ended, William devoted himself to forming a family and erasing the Hitler surname from his life.

He had four children: Alexander, Brian, Louis and Howard. Alexander was the only one who decided to speak briefly to the press.

Alexander Stuart-Houston answered the journalist with extremely short answers and said that his brothers Brian and Louis live near him but do not wish to talk to the press

The journalist took the few minutes he had to ask him about world politics.he was in support of Chancellor Angela Merkel and utterly disagreed with the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump.