Holy Land Cats – They’re Everywhere

Traveling in Israel, visitors, tourists and pilgrims see cats everywhere. In street corners and inside churches, nibbling at garbage and feasting as kings. Cats seem to be the true rulers of the Israeli back yard.

Holy Land Cats - Soldier and Kitten

As such, holy land cats are in the center of Israeli culture as well. They are beloved pets, subject of paintings and art pieces, lately the stars of social media. If you love cats, you’d also love this collection of 25 surprising stories and photos of the holy land cats, composed especially for Jerusalem Online.

Photographs of Holy Land Cats

Holy Land Cats - Big Eyes Kitten

There are estimated to be some two million stray cats here, though no-one really knows the true number. Though life can be hard for a street cat, animal welfare organizations do their best to look after them – neutering them and returning them to the streets where they were found. Many residents also feed the wild cats, while others adopt them.

Some surveys suggest that about 30 percent of pets in Israeli homes were taken off the street, while another 20 percent were adopted from animal shelters. In this photograph (source: Israel21c), one of the cats competing in the Royal International Exhibition held in Holon.

* Oh, and don’t miss the lovely National Geographic video about the Old City “Cat Lady” at the end of this article!

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