Holy Land Wildlife

While Israel is mostly known for its phenomenal history, amazing views and spiritual destinations, there is another beautiful angle you shouldn’t miss. The holy land is blessed with wild animals, some of them unique to Israel. When planning your next visit to Israel, don’t forget to add some nature to your itinerary. Until then, I invite you to check out all of these beautiful animals who call Israel their home.

Holy Land Wild Life - Oryx
The beautiful Oryx (Photo credit: Martha de Jong-Lantink)

1. Oryx

The White Oryx, in Hebrew called Re’em, were almost extinct during the 1970s, thankfully zoos and wildlife conservationists came to the rescue and were able to reintroduce the antelope back into the wild during the 1980s. While it’s no longer considered endangered, the White Oryx’s conservation status is still listed as vulnerable. Its elegant, long horns and white hue make it one of Israel’s most beautiful creatures.

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