Security forces demolished the home of the third terrorist who was involved in the June terror attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem during which officer Hadas Malka was murdered. In addition, the IDF seized cash and weapons during raids in the West Bank.

Officer Hadas Malka

Officer Hadas Malka Photo Credit: Police Spokesperson Unit/ Flash90 Yonatan Sindel/ Channel 2 News

On Wednesday night, IDF, Border Police and the Israeli Civil Administration forces demolished the home of the terrorist who took part, along with two others, in the June terror attack at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem during which a Border Police officer Staff Sergeant Major Hadas Malka was murdered. The homes of the two other terrorists were demolished earlier this week. 

The investigations following the terror attack revealed that the three terrorists arrived in Jerusalem in an organized carpool with no entry permits to Israel a day before the attack.

The house this morning

The house this morning Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson Unit/Channel 2 News

The driver of the carpool was indicted for causing death by negligence and driving Palestinians with no permits into Israel. The Israel Police explained that these cases should be handled with severity since drivers should be aware that they may be transporting someone who plans to carry out terror attacks.

In addition to demolishing the house, IDF and Borer Police forces carried out raids in the West Bank and seized thousands in cash and two weapons. The money originated from terror organizations, and according to the IDF, it was intended to encourage terrorist activity as well as provide aid to families of terrorists.