Israel’s Supreme Court has given the green light for the demolition of the homes of three terrorists responsible for the murder of ​Rina Shnerb last summer.

Kasem Shabali, 25, Yazen Hassin Hassni Mjames, 25, and Samer Mina Salim Arbid, 44, are all standing trial for killing the young teen.

Shabali provided the explosives and assisted in the assembly of the bomb, Mjames took part in the logistics and execution of the detonation, and Arbid detonated the bomb that killed the 17-year-old.

All three of them hail from the Ramallah area and are members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

While addressing the families of the terrorists, the court said the IDF will try but cannot guarantee that only the homes of the terrorists would be demolished and not their neighbors’ houses.
Supreme Court judge Hanan Melcer said that during the appeal process he gave the terrorists’ families an opportunity to try and stop the demolition order by condemning the murderous actions of their relatives.

Instead of doing so, the request was greeted by a “disturbing and stony silence,” Melcer said.

On Aug. 23, 2019, Rina was murdered by a remotely detonated bomb as she walked on a trail to a spring with her father and brother. Rina’s father, Rabbi Eitan Shnerb, 46, was lightly injured in the attack, and his son Dvir, 19, more seriously.