Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev confirmed on Wednesday that Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández will attend Israel’s national independence ceremony this month. The president will light a torch together with a representative from Israel’s foreign ministry.

Juan Orlando Hernández

Juan Orlando Hernández Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

President of Honduras Juan Orlando Hernández will participate in the traditional torch lighting ceremony marking Israel’s 70-year Independence Day in April. Hernández is expected to light a torch along with a representative from Israel’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (Mashav).

Israeli Culture Minister Miri Regev confirmed the president’s attendance on Wednesday. “I am glad and proud that the President of Honduras, who is an alumnus of Mashav’s program, will attend the ceremony and accompany the torch lighter on behalf of Israel’s foreign ministry,” Regev said. “Increasing the goodness in the world is the goal of our country, the State of Israel, and I am happy that the agency [Mashav] will light a torch marking Israel’s 70 years of existence.”

The Mashav agency conducts various development programs and training courses in such fields as agriculture, education, women’s empowerment and medicine, and encourages professionals from developing states to find creative solutions to development issues in their countries. Hernández is the first alumnus of the program to become a head of state.

As previously reported by JOL, in honor of Israel’s 70th anniversary, this year’s Independence Day events will last for about 70 hours, starting on the evening of April 18, when Israel’s memorial day for fallen soldiers and terror victims ends, and wrapping up on Saturday evening. Earlier this week, Regev revealed that the 70 hours of festivities will include a firework display, an all-night beach party along Israel’s coast and a massive “light parade” in Tel Aviv.