Police in Montreal are investigating an antisemitic video uploaded to the TikTok social media site in which a man opens his kitchen oven in order to joke about the gassing of Jewish victims by the Nazis in World War II.

The video was part of a viral trend that has become popular, reacting to videos asking people to “tell me X without telling me X.”

In this instance, the video called for people to “tell me you’re Jewish without telling me you’re Jewish.”

There was a man who replied to the post saying that he wasn’t Jewish, but that he wanted to adopt a Jewish child.

“I even made them a bed so that they can feel at home,” said the man in the video, opening his kitchen oven to show a pillow and blankets, referencing the large crematoria used to dispose of the bodies of Jewish people murdered in Nazi extermination camps.

A member of the Jewish community in Montreal, Lauren Lieberman, told CTV News that the video had left her heartbroken.

“My grandparents were in the Holocaust,” Lieberman said.

On Tuesday, the poster publicly apologized, writing that it had not been his goal to discriminate against anyone, but rather to make people laugh.

“Some found it funny, but several people who lost members of their family during [the Holocaust] took it very badly and I understand their point of view,” he wrote. “I would also like to take the time to say sorry to each community or person that this video may have affected, views and followers count less than the wellbeing of a person in my opinion.”

The Montreal police’s hate crimes unit is now investigating the video. A police spokesman told CTV News that the source of the material is still being investigated to decide if it falls under their jurisdiction.