The incident was caused by firecrackers which are prohibited at the site.

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During the filming of a popular Palestinian TV show yesterday, a cable car with a number of production assistants went up in flames.  Just before the fire completely destroyed the car, those present were able to escape, and hung onto the cables in order to save themselves from disaster.  

According to Palestinian media, during the filming of the show “Abu-Sharik visits the cable cars”, one of the production assistants used a firecracker without getting permission beforehand from the site management.  The firecracker caused the cable car to catch on fire, causing real concern that it would fall to the ground.  

The video documenting the incident, which was uploaded to Radio Ag’ial, shows the moments when the fire broke out, and the people trying to flee for their lives.  Images posted later revealed the moment when they were pulled to safety.  According to the reports, two of the people were injured lightly in the incident and were taken for medical treatment.  

Management of the site said that they were unaware of the intention to carry out dangerous stunts at the cable cars, and made it clear that it was an offense.  Producers of the show were quick to send an apology for the embarrassing incident that by some miracle ended without any casualties.