In Wednesday’s strikes, Israel managed to severely damage Iran’s military capabilities in Syria. However, new weapons and personnel are constantly being brought in from Iran.

Late Wednesday night, Iranian forces launched about 20 rockets at Israel from Syria’s territory. None of them caused any real damage and some were intercepted by Iron Dome. Israel, having known about Iran’s intentions for months, struck back with a massive aerial attack on multiple Iranian targets.

Among the targets badly hit were a military headquarters, intelligence bases, weapons storage facilities and rocket launchers. But above all, Israel managed to severely damage Iran’s aerial defense system, which would have helped protect Iranian ground forces from the Israeli Air Force.

In addition, Israel hit three Iranian compounds in Aleppo and Hama where rockets were being prepared to be launched toward the Israeli Golan Heights.

But despite the successful Israeli operation, Iran can still recover from the blow. It still has a considerable amount of rockets in Syria and is constantly bringing in more weapons and more military personnel from Iran.