Nir, 6, from Haifa, arrived at a Maccabi Health Services clinic complaining of severe itchiness in his nose. During the doctor’s examination, he was amazed to discover that one of the child’s nostril’s was completely blocked up by a screw: “This was an unusual event, fortunately it ended safely.”

Nir's nostril

Nir’s nostril Photo Credit: Maccabi Health Services/ Channel 2 News

Medical personnel are quite familiar with cases of children swallowing small objects. A case like the one that took place yesterday, however, might surprise even the most experienced of doctors.

Yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, Yelena brought her six-year-old son, Nir, to a Maccabi medical clinic in a panic and claimed that her child was suffering from severe pain in his nose and would not stop itching. The child was immediately brought in to see a doctor and, after a short examination, he found that a centimeter-long screw was stuck deep within Nir’s nostril.

Dr. Ihab Khatib, the pediatrician who treated Nir, was primarily concerned that the screw would somehow be pushed even deeper into Nir’s body and potentially enter the lung area- in which case an immediate operation, fully anesthetized, would be required to remove the screw. Luckily, Dr. Khatib succeeded in removing the screw with a pair of tweezers.