A police official said on one occasion, the MK brought a hollow book with SIM cards and documents inside. “There is substantial evidence against him,” he added. A former senior-level prison commissioner said it’s unclear how he thought he wouldn’t get caught.

Ghattas used hollow book to carry in devices and documents

Ghattas used hollow book to carry in devices and documents Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash 90

Less than a day after severe allegations were brought against Israeli Arab MK Basel Ghattas for smuggling cell phones to prisoners in Ktzi’ot Prison, a senior-level Israeli police official revealed new details about the MK’s method of smuggling.

“On at least one occasion, he held a book with no pages,” said the official. “Instead of pages inside, there were sim cards, cell phones, etc.” According to the allegations, the MK also smuggled into the prison documents. The official has said there is substantial evidence against Ghattas.

At least 15 phones were smuggled in

At least 15 phones were smuggled in Photo Credit: (Screenshot ) Channel 2 News

Former Deputy Prisons Commissioner Haim Glick responded to the Ghattas scandal and explained to Channel 2 News Online how cell phone smuggling can happen: “The basic idea is that every person who enters the prison undergoes a thorough routine search either through the metal detectors or imaging systems. If needed pat downs are done. The only time no search is conducted is when a Knesset member with immunity arrives at the prison and they are the only ones who can take advantage of their status to smuggle in items that would otherwise be immediately found during the routine search.”

“I cannot understand how a person thinks he can do such a thing and not get caught,” added Glick. “When a prisoner finishes a visit, he is thoroughly searched and that is likely how the prison guards discovered the phones.”

According to Glick’s claims, the security prisoners are highly motivated to create tension. “They have nothing to lose and therefore they can try provoking and working towards planning future terror attacks in Israel,” he said. “They gain information from the cellular devices passed along to them and from meetings with their lawyers as well as MKs.”

Glick believes that if the allegations are proven, an investigation will be opened, which will likely end in the MK’s imprisonment. “Unless he flees like his cousin Azmi Bishara,” he stated.