Yesterday, two Israelis went to work and did not return home because they were murdered by a Palestinian terrorist.  How did the Muslim world react to this terror attack?

Yesterday, two Israeli citizens were murdered inside the Alon Recycling Plant in the Barkan Industrial Park in Ariel, a rare oasis of coexistence between Arabs and Jews.  Thousands of Palestinians work in the Barkan Park, where they receive high wages and a number of other benefits that do not exist in PA workplaces.

The 23-year-old Palestinian terrorist, who was an employee at the plant, murdered both of them and injured a third woman just because they were Jewish.   The two Israeli fatalities were identified as 29-year-old Kim Levengrond-Yehezkel, a mother of an infant son, and 35-year-old Ziv Hajbi, a father of three small children.   The question remains, how did the Muslim world respond to this terror attack?

According to the Islamic Theology on Counter-Terrorism, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committee all praised this terror attack.   JPOST reported that Hamas proclaimed: “We bless the heroic attack as it shows how our nation acts against the crimes of the occupation in Gaza, Khan al Ahmar and West Bank settlements.”

The Popular Resistance Committee added that this terror attack was a “message to how our people hold fast to the resistance.” And the Palestinian Islamic Jihad alleged that this was a response to the “crimes of the occupation in Jerusalem.”

The Maan Palestinian News Agency claimed that the two slain Israelis were settlers rather than civilians merely because they worked in the West Bank.  In other words, settlers are not victims and got what was coming to them from the perspective of this PA media outlet. Furthermore, they claim that the terror attack was alleged rather than actual, even though the deaths of the victims was verified by the authorities and the bodies were returned to their families for burial.

Al Jazeera also reported that the terror attack occurred inside of an “illegal settlement” but they did not refer to the attack as alleged like they did for other pieces. They acknowledged that the attack actually happened. However, the terrorist was merely labeled as a shooter rather than as a terrorist.

Al Jazeera added that the factory was built on confiscated Palestinian land and they emphasized that the Islamic Jihad group (rather than terror organization) views what happened to be a “natural response” to the “crimes of the occupation.”  They did not quote any Israelis except one quote from Lieberman, which emphasized that the Israelis are looking for the shooter.

Iran’s Press TV covered the terror attack in a significantly worse manner than Al Jazeera. Like the Maan Palestinian News Agency, they also called it an alleged attack. Press TV also emphasized that the incident took place on occupied land and added that this incident came after last month, a Palestinian was killed who “allegedly staged a stabbing attack near a shopping mall south of the occupied city of Jerusalem.”

That terror attack was not staged.  An Israeli civilian named Ari Fuld was murdered.  The only difference between Ari Fuld and the victims in this terror attack is that Fuld fought against the terrorist to his last dying breath.  The victims of this attack were bound and completely defenseless.   Press TV then went on to accuse Israel of seeking to change the status quo on the Temple Mount and killing nearly 200 Palestinians sent the Great March of Return started on March 30.  They did not mention that most of the killed Palestinians were attackers.

Turkey’s Daily Sabbah behaved a bit more humanistic, although still problematic.  They did still assert that the attack occurred in an area under occupation and noted that the Hamas militant group (rather than terror group) called the attack a “heroic operation.”  But at the same time, they also added that Israel is treating the incident as a terror attack and included a quote from Netanyahu emphasizing that the terrorist will face the full extent of the law.

The Turkish media outlet acknowledged that many Palestinians benefit economically from working in the industrial zones but at the same time stressed that critics argue that these zones should be boycotted because “Israel is taking advantage of a vulnerable workforce.” The Daily Sabbah did not offer any other solution for Palestinian workers seeking a better life to find work outside of Jewish areas.

However, Jordanian Palestinian dissident Mudar Zahran did issue a condemnation of the Ariel terror attack: “We condemn the attack that took place in Barkan in the West Bank.  A toddler’s mother was killed.  Killing women and innocent ones is against our religion and the tribal values of the Jordanian/Palestinian people.  We hold Jordan’s king and Abbas responsible for incitement.”